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About Visit4Real

About Visit4Real

Visit4Real is a young and dynamic visualization company, that has since its founding grown to be an innovative player in visualization applications.

Based on the newest web technology WebGL 1.0, Visit4Real has created a viewer that offers unprecedented possibilities.

With Visit4Real you create 'an experience'. Through our viewer, potential clients are able to experience and approach virtual objects in real-time in a user friendly manner. It allows you to walk through a virtual object online, and to experience what it actually looks like or will look like.

Now that leaves an impression!

You will benefit from a visualization that meets the requirements of this modern age. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.


WebGL 1.0 Viewer

WebGL 1.0 is an open standard used to specify 3D computer graphics in web pages. This viewer enables you to show computer graphics without having to use a special plug-in for the web browser. Our WebGL viewer was developed entirely by Visit4Real. 


Existing 3D drawings are, apart from a few possible modifications, convertible to a virtual environment in our viewer. This allows you to make a model more user friendly and easily accessible on the internet. 

User Friendly

With the click of a mouse, visitors are able to view virtual models in any web browser. The navigation that is used to walk through a virtual model is easy to control by using the arrows on the keypad and a click of the mouse to look around. Visiting multiple stories poses no problem. 

Web Browser and Operating Systems

The following web browsers now support WebGL: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. The supporting operating systems are: Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS 10.6 or higher, Linux and Chrome OS. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

No Download

Most visualization software requires the user to download a plug-in. Having to download a plug-in can be a huge obstacle for your visitors. With Visit4Real’s new technologies this is all in the past. Downloading is no longer necessary with the Visit4Real viewer; all models are easily accessible through a web browser. 


It is possible to place a link to another web environment within a virtual model in our viewer. This way, you are able to redirect your clients and visitors to a webshop, website, Youtube video or an external database. This solution is especially ideal for advertising your possible products or services. 


Visualisations give us an experience, experience leads to success!

Visit4Real – For all Your interactive 3D visualisations

Our Service

We seek close cooperation with our clients, and are very well aware that the best service greatly contributes to this.

Because we consider this so important, we leave nothing to chance and we always clarify terms and agreements in advance. No matter which products or services we may provide, you can be sure that you can always contact us if you have any questions or comments and that we'll always offer you full support.

Our goal is setting up a long-term relationship with our clients in which transparency, professionalism and trust are of the highest importance.

See below an overview of the services that we gladly provide.



Good advice starts with listening to your wishes and demands. Through knowledge and expertise, we provide you with tailor made solutions. 

Custom Work

Our services can be customized to fit your wishes and demands. We are happy to discuss all possibilities with you. 


Are you experiencing difficulties or do you have any questions about our services? Our support team is at your service for all your questions. 


Price-performance ratio

We guarantee high quality for all our products. We work with a transparent price-setting suitable for any budget. 

Quick delivery

We control all production. Because of this, we are able to guarantee quick delivery, as agreed upon in advance. 


Our team consists of qualified employees. All projects are carried out with the utmost competence and expertise. 



Do You have any questions? Do You want to receive a proposal or do You need more informations ? Please contact us!